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BibleMovie, Inc. is a newly established web based service that endeavors to provide free Biblical teaching materials and ideas to help enhance active learning.  This website encourages biblical learning through music (Sing thru the Bible), art (Scrapbook drawings), crafts (Scripture Box), and film ("Make-Your-Own-BibleMovie" where you pick and record your own “stars” while they perform or share selections from the website).  We strive to be a quick and free resource for Sunday school teachers, Christian daycares, vacation Bible schools, Christian private schools, youth groups, missionaries, parents, small groups, etc.  As BibleMovies can be conveniently created, participants are invited to create multiple movies over time, creating a time capsule for the participant(s) as they and their understanding of the Bible grows.  We hope to expand the website quickly with variety of interesting and fun teaching aids for multiple languages, with global access, and in preschool, elementary, intermediate, and advanced concept levels.

We strongly encourage church attendance for disciples of Christ to enjoy fellowship with one another, deepen their faith and prayer life, and to partake in Communion.  We hope this website can be used to help supplement your growth. Know that Jesus loves you and wants to know you even better.

BibleMovie, Inc is a qualified organization and is recognized by the IRS under 501c3. Your donations may be tax deductible. 

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If you shop at Kroger and haven’t already designated an organization for your community rewards points, you can pick BibleMovie.  Just call 1-800-Krogers.  Select option 3 and then provide the Customer Service person your Kroger Plus number.  Once your account has been accessed, you can request BibleMovie BV502.

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