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As a previous Sunday school teacher and youth group leader, I struggled with the lack of interest the kids displayed in even opening a Bible.  So, to switch a few things up, we encouraged them to actively share something about a particular book of the Bible.  This ranged from reading a passage, creating a poster, singing a song, acting out a skit, etc. While they shared, I recorded them and connected these little tidbits into a movie.  This helped to breathe life into the words on the page and encouraged active learning.  We watched the BibleMovie one Sunday morning with the entire congregation and enjoyed the interaction of our church members.  It is here that I believe that this BibleMovie website can be such a unique resource for others. To have teaching aids that connect both the names of the Bible books and the stories and passages found therein should be highly beneficial to those who are working to teach others about God's word.  



Unfortunately, we are such a new organization that we are unable to have any employees or staff for a correspondence department.  As we grow, we hope to expand our capabilites to interact extensively with our beneficiaries



Form 990

Our Form 990 - n (e-postcard) was filed in Feb 2015 and Feb 2016.  We are not required to file a full Form 990 as we do not meet the income or asset thresholds at this time.



BibleMovie, Inc is a qualified organization and is recognized by the IRS under 501c3. Your donations may be tax deductible. 

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If you shop at Kroger and haven’t already designated an organization for your community rewards points, you can pick BibleMovie.  Just call 1-800-Krogers.  Select option 3 and then provide the Customer Service person your Kroger Plus number.  Once your account has been accessed, you can request BibleMovie BV502.

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