Making your Own Bible Movie

Please enjoy the resources on this website and use them to help teach others about the Bible.  All the resources here are owned by BibleMovie, Inc.  These resources can not be duplicated for sale or beyond personal use.  They can not be posted to the web or distributed globally.  They can not be used for live performances when tickets are sold for profit or fundraising by any individual or organization.


Making your own Movie - 


  1. Get signed permission slips and video release forms for each participant.
  2. Review the resources available and select one to use for each book for your video.
  3. Assign a person or group of people to each book.
  4. Pick a place in the video to give a "shout out" to or show a poster of so viewers know where to go to be inspired.  
  5. Make a video of the person(s) performing the selection.
  6. Edit your video (I used Movie Maker - free).
  7. Watch and enjoy your movie with your organization or family.  A copy for each participant can be provided, however, they can't be sold, posted or distributed.
  8. If you create a new movie every year or two, you can watch your group or family growing up together.  It could become an annual event to watch your movie in your organization.


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