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2018 ??? - What's next? We plan to add the next 5 Old Testament songs in English soon

2018 December - We've achieved 34k hits.

2018 November - We've achieved 32k hits.

2018 October - We've achieved 31k hits.

2018 September - We've achieved 30k hits.

2018 August - We have a new Kroger Community Rewards number, BV502

2018 August - We now have all the Scrapbook pages for Protestant books in Spanish. 

2018 August - We've achieved 28k & 29k hits.

2018 July - We've achieved 27k hits.

2018 June - We now have all the Scrapbook pages for Protestant books in English. 

2018 June - We've achieved 26k hits.

2018 April - We've achieved 25k hits.

2018 March - We've achieved 24k hits.

2018 February - We've achieved 23k hits.

2018 January - We've added Spanish Monologues.

2018 January - We've achieved 22k hits.

2017 November - We've achieved 21k hits.

2017 October - We've achieved 20k hits.

2017 September - We've achieved 19k hits.

2017 August - We've achieved 18k hits.

2017 July - We've achieved 17k hits.

2017 June - We've achieved 16k hits.

2017 May - We've achieved 15k hits.

2017 April - We've added five more Old Testament Songs.

2017 April - We've achieved 14k hits.

2017 April - We've added Polish Monologues.

2017 April - We've added French Scrapbook pages.

2017 March - We've achieved 13k hits.

2017 February - We've achieved 12k hits..

2017 December - We've achieved 11k hits.

2016 November - We've achieved 10k hits.

2016 October - We've added Polish Scrapbook (Album) Drawing Pages.

2016 October - We've achieved 9,000 hits.

2016 August - We've achieved 8,000 hits.

2016 July - We've added a Watch a Sample BibleMovie tab and video selection

2016 July - We've added Marleta At The Piano selections on the Hymns tab

2016 June - We've achieved 7,000 hits.

2016 June - We've added Spanish Scrapbook Drawing Pages.

2016 May - We've achieved 6,000 hits.

2016 April - We've added six additional songs on the Sing Thru the Bible tab and English video playlist.  They are Hebrews to Revelation.

2016 March  - We've added Braille (English) files for the first five Old Testament books and the complete New Testament for Monologues, Lyric sheets and Scrapbook pages. 

2016 March - We've added six additional songs on the Sing Thru the Bible tab and English video playlist.  They are Philippians to Philemon. 

2016 February - We've achieved 4,000 hits.

2015 December - We've achieved 3,000 hits.

2015 December - We've added the Video playlist to our page for No Vocals and English.

2015 November - We've added a tab and feature for Monologues.

2015 October - We've achieved 2,000 hits.

2015 October - We've been registered to participate in Give Local Louisville. 

2015 September - We've added five additional books to the New Testament portion of the site.  

2015 August - We've achieved 1,000 hits.

2015 May - The website was opened with ten songs in English and a few scrapbook pages.  

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If you shop at Kroger and haven’t already designated an organization for your community rewards points, you can pick BibleMovie.  Just call 1-800-Krogers.  Select option 3 and then provide the Customer Service person your Kroger Plus number.  Once your account has been accessed, you can request BibleMovie BV502.

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